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December 08, 2006


Bruce Wedding


I think you are right on track with this essay. There are so many opportunities in this business and it is so easy to get started.

We tend to bounce around like pinballs from one thing to another. We lose to power of focused energy.

Einstein said that what made him special was the ability to concentrate on just one thing for five minutes! Yes, I said five minutes.

Try it if you think its easy.

I think a vision statement is an excellent guide and affirmation to begin getting focused on your future, your plans and goals.

I just read a very nice vision statement done by Eric Louviere and it inspired me to write my own.

If you want to read Eric's, you can get it here:

There is nothing for sale there, no opt-in, just a free download of a pdf file.

John Reese also recently addressed this subject, regarding multiple streams of income.

Let's all get focused this year and make it our best year yet!

Good luck,


I clicked through to this blog entry from email because I AM jaded, but once I got here I found it was not for the same reasons as you're talking about in the blog.

I'm jaded for almost the opposite reason: I have stacks and stacks of marketing material, all the old stuff, and most of the new stuff, and...guess what? I've read/listened to it ALL.

1. All the old books everyone always says you should read (which I doubt hardly anyone ever actually does)
2. All the newsletter back issues from all the greats past and present.
3. All the audios/print info products from all the top guys (even the rare hard to find stuff)
4. etc...

So when I saw an email from Ryan in my inbox that asked if I was jaded (it's something I think about to myself a lot) - the answer was a resounding YES!

Because... every time I read someones entry on a website or read an ezine, or whatever, the spark that was once there...the excitement that things once almost gone from those things.

Not because of past failures (read: unsuccessful tests ;) ) but because of the "nothing new under the sun" factor.

I was hoping that's what this blog entry would be about.

Oh well, anyway, something I would like to point about about THIS kind of jaded feeling is that it causes a guy to start thinking about questions that don't normally get talked about in marketing. Questions that only the jaded would think about asking. Questions that don't necessairily help you make more money (because of the "nothing new under the sun" factor) but questions that arise from intellectual marketing curiosity.


1. WHY is it that a person who has just bought a diet pill buy another bottle from a different supplier within 30 days when she hasn't even had time to give the first one a try yet? Too many different pills can really screw with your body's whats going on here? We know that these people are the best to mail our pitch to, and we can make a lot of money from them... but what the is going through their mind? Yes, they are "in heat" but c'mon...

2. If higher response on a direct mail letter comes from making it look as personal as possible, then why not just get rid of the headline at the top? It screams "I'm an ad" when theres a headline at the top and you've just blown your cover. Note: I've actually tested this and was able to beat my previous control just by re-doing the first page of the letter to make more sense in that context!

3. The statistical probability of getting rich from people's laziness. This has happened to me once or twice. You have a product that you are making good money on and it has an extremely low refund rate...but you KNOW for a fact that the product is not working for anywhere near everyone...but enough people that its a good idea to keep selling it. And yet, hardly anyone is returning it for a refund even though they could easily get their money back. Their laziness = your fatter bank account. This is fascinating to me.

4. Jay Abraham stories. Some people love Jay, some people hate him, and some people are absolutely confused by him (for good reasons)...lets everyone share their favorite Jay Abraham stories.

5. Who in marketing doesn't talk to each other anymore because of some past event that made them bitter toward one another? What happened? Why? Who was unethical and the rest of us should therefore avoid in the future?

Enough of this. Those are just a few examples from the many that are interesting to this jaded soul.

Andrew Cavanagh

You've hit the nail on the head Ryan.

The primary reason most people get jaded is that they don't truly believe in the value of the work they do.

Having a vision of what you're trying to achieve with your work is a HUGE key to getting genuinely excited about what you do.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh


Both Ryan and Andrew are spot-on.

Greg wrote so much I don't have time to read it. ha!

Having a clear vision, following through, creating goals. All important to the end game.

I've seen several very talented copywriters flop about like a fish out of water, each looking at the "next best thing" and never putting their work into action.

If I had half their talent, I'd be in the millionaires club in a month.

The exercise of concentrating on one thing for a full five minutes is tremendously beneficial, and nearly impossible at first. It's well worth those 5 minutes each day, if you can make time for it.

Hat's off to all of you.

Lady Bee

Vision really is everything. And by vision, I mean, the kind of vision that is with you every single day. That's the tricky part -- keeping your vision high in the mind. I now review my goals every day and am getting in the habit of evaluating everything in terms of how close it will take me to my goal -- or if it will take me further away.

To that end, Mark Joyner's Simpleology has been a godsend in my life.

Here is another great resource on vision:

John A. Manley

Ryan's points expose another error of the information marketing arena: information overload (which, really, is the exact oppisitte of what IM is all about).

I saw Bill Glazer put a sticky note in the recent Glazer-Kennedy Circle newsletter saying something, "People write saying we give TOO MUCH information! So we're adding a NEW insert into Gold members monthly CD."

Huh? Bill they said that you are giving them too much, already! Why send them more? Why not make it more digestible. Boil it down. Break it up.

Furey's done this. It takes like 8 minutes TOP to read his fitness newsletter. His audio CDs are 30 minutes. He gives you enough that you can apply, get into the new habit or get the system working and get results within 30 days before he moves you on to the next lesson.

And he's making $30K/day doing it. Doing less; delivering more.



This is true. Many people get on the seminar,kit,CD set "merry-go-round". Then when it doesn't do what they hoped for (which is usually a change of mind) they start getting jaded and think that its all a "scam".

Truth is - there are a lot of quality products and services out here, but if you aren't willing to put your heart and soul into your life...if you aren't willing to believe in yourself no matter what...then absolutely nothing can do it for you.

There are too many people looking for someone else to breathe for them...just won't happen.

Great post Ryan.


You're dead on - and this process of see,buy,dabble, and move on to the next "NEW NEW" thing only drains bank accounts.

Focus is the key. Thanks for the reminder.

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