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November 17, 2006


Jane Hendry

I can't even figure out who the death of crap is written by?

And, it's crappily written!!

Jane :)

Ryan Healy

Jane, I wondered the same thing. Who wrote it? I don't yet know...


I liked a couple pieces of crap he wrote.

The only way to ensure your long-term success as a marketer is to develop real marketing skills.

If you're on the list of people like Cody Moya and twenty-dozen others telling you to buy everything that comes out, you should do yourself a grand favor and unsubscribe.

Online, there's a short list of skills I feel confident will be of value today, tomorrow, next decade - even next century.

Those are marketing fundamentals - copy writing - testing and tracking - business building - people skills - the ability to research and develop new, VALUABLE information and product that people want and need.

The link at the bottom goes to the Warrior Forum. I didn't see a thread talking about it but I didn't do a search either.

Both reports had some good points. But the theme I see being repeated everywhere these days is to stop collecting information and just start doing something. Follow one good system and quit being diverted by each new one that comes out.

I still working on unsubscribing. I reduced my email load by 1/3 and have another 1/3 to go.

Just who did write it anyway? :)

Andrew Cavanagh

I think it's important to note that Mike Filsaime's comments in "the death of marketing" are geared towards the internet marketing niche.

Mike says quite plainly that outside of that niche the product launch formula and many strategies that are growing old fast in internet marketing should work indefinitely.

Strangely enough I had a conversation with Mike along those lines in Sydney.

I was talking about doing a seminar in a niche I'm active in.

I mentioned internet marketing in passing and after the talk I was inundated with questions about stuff we see as simple like "what's an autoresponder", "how do you set up a site", "what should you put on your site".

There's a whole world of opportunity out there.

Anyone who's been heavily into internet marketing for a year or more can make a small fortune helping people who know nothing about websites set up sites to help market their business.

There are also businesses that already have sites with high page ranks and high traffic and they have no idea how to turn that traffic into cash.

So the "death" of internet marketing as we know it is confined to one tiny niche.

Look outside that tiny niche and internet marketing has barely even been born!

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