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November 11, 2006


Jay White

Dude, awesome post. My wife quotes that same verse to me whenever I'm feeling a bit discouraged. It's a keeper. ;)

God is good, my friend!


John A. Manley

Good quote (good book).

I think it fits into the idea that if your not constantly moving forward (that's is writing and studying) than you'll fall backwards. No standing still.

Rather dull standing still, anyways.


Jane Hendry

Hi Ryan,

I would dimensionalise this by saying that it isn't just about skill, but it's about how you're perceived in the market place, and the VALUE that you give to clients. Bottom line is that they have to feel that you are the best solution to their issues and their friend's issues, which involves skill, but is not only about skill.

There are lots of very highly skilled consultants out there who do not become the big income earners.


caleb osborne


I was reading that verse just the other day and I had the same thought about my copywriting career.

It'd def encouraging!


Alan Allard

The skills needed by copywriters to "stand before kings" would be varied:

(1) Copywriting skills
(2) Marketing skills to market yourself and your services
(3) The abilities to communicate effectively enough to influence and persuade a potential client to hire you.
(4) Communication skills to manage and lead the client throughout the project
(5) Effectively managing your emotions AND behaviors

And more...

These skill sets are worth mastering.

Alan Allard

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