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October 27, 2006



Hi Ryan -

I love your pictures of the snow, snowman...even that cup of coffee looked good! After living in the high country of Colorado for so long I feel almost guilty saying that I am enjoying a autumn day here in Bend, Oregon where it is supposed to be 65 degrees today!

Enjoy, and thank you for the reminder to take time for the things that really matter!



What you said is so true. A man's wealth isn't measured by how much money he has but by the intangibles.
The health of family and loved ones. The loyalty of good friends.The love you see in your child's eyes when they look at you. That is what truly makes a man wealthy.
As the saying goes - "money isn't everything".
Thanks for posting this. Sometimes we as a people get too caught up in the materialism of the everyday world and lose sight of what's really important.


Ryan Healy

Katie - Thank you for your comment. And don't feel bad--I love the snow! Plus, it's going to be 67 degrees tomorrow. Classic Colorado... snowing one day, warm and sunny the next.

Chad - Thanks for expanding on the idea, especially your mention of the "intangibles." What's money without health and love?

Nadin Rath

I think it's more about joy - and everybody gets real joy from different things. The trick is to find out the "what" that really gives one joy. Money by itself, even for people who are desperate for it (probably more so for them), rarely gives joy. It's just a number on your bank statement.

I don't consider "money is the root of all evil" nor do I think that "money is the root of all joy" - go figure!

More on this coming up...


Nice pic bro. Looks like fun...

Having a great time here in Atlanta at Big Seminar (no snow, but lots of rain). Wish you coulda made it!


Mike Muller


Very touching post. Thank you.

John A. Manley

Great post Ryan.

Reminds me of something Masterson wrote in one his books. Along the lines of after you get past $40K/year per family member, you have more than you need. After that your just earning money to buy "toys" or extreme luxuries.

A $3,800 couch is just as comfortable as a $800 couch.

I would rather go with the $800 couch, and invest that time I would have spent earning the extra $3,000 into a snowball fight, ice skating... or a canoeing down the Avon River.


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