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October 23, 2006




You are spot on with the shift in attitude. It's not just a subtle shift, it's a profound shift. The best part WORKS!


This is such an important concept! I know that I'm a "glass is half-empty" person naturally, and I'm really working on fixing it. I find that the way that I phrase the questions and dialogue in my head greatly affects my outlook.

Somehow, I think my outlook also affects outcomes, even things outside my direct control. I'm not sure how it works, but I'm convinced it's not coincidence. It seems like it's more than mere positive thinking.

Obviously, Ryan, you hit a nerve with me. This is an area I'm working on, and I know I have a long way to go...

Ryan Healy

Chris - I'm glad you've found this technique to work for you, as it has worked for me.

Richard - Thanks for your comments. Here's to improving your life through changing your internal dialogue. :-)

John A. Manley

Millionairre Matt Furey often puts it this way...

Don't ask how you can solve your current problem -- ask how you create what you want.

How we like to focus on the negative, though.

Good post.


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