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September 14, 2006



I have 9 of my own websites now. I drive traffic using Google PPC.

In theory, if I started using Overture PPC too, I could double my income (in theory).

I've tried Overture PPC. But I get so freakin' frustrated that I end up throwing in the towel every time.

Seriously, the first person to take a "Perry Marshall" position with overture PPC will make a fortune.

I got $95 bucks right here... just waiting for somebody to step up and teach me how to make overture PPC easy to use.

Who wants to be the overture guru?

David Coyne

I tried PPC to promote my own business a couple of years ago and found it extremely frustrating and time-consuming. I finally gave up on it. I read an interesting article by marketing consultant and copywriter Bob Serling. The title is "Why Pay-Per-Click Is A Sucker's Game." You can read it at

Karl Barndt

Overture is extremely frustrating, but can be very productive for the right markets. I have a real estate client who gets more traffic from Yahoo PPC (Overture) than from Google Adwords. Do a search on "Search engine demographics." You'll be surprised to learn who uses which engines.

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