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August 24, 2006


John A. Manley

Hi Ryan,

This got my attention!

I assumed it was a play on The Davinci Code. Neat idea.

I'd suggest playing it up more...

Maybe get a picture of you laying on the ground, in your business suit and tie, arms and legs spread out. Then super-impose that image of you over top of the Vitruvian Man drawing by Da Vinci (which is, of course, public domain).

Instead of repeating your picture twice on the opt-in page I'd show a picture of an elegant manuscript, with the words "The Copywriter's Code" super-imposed on the front.

Since it sounds like your press release went out to any and all businesses - you may be using the word "direct-response" and "copy" too much on the opt-in page. Though, having not seen the PR, it's hard to say how much you warmed them up.

I, personally, am tired of hearing "killer." It really doesn't make sense and is an over-used cliche that's lost it's impact sometime in the 60s. A specific, unique example of what your copy does, would be more moving for me.

Maybe you should use your own headlines for the sample headline lists in the actual PDF, instead of referencing other copywriter's headlines. Weave in a story or two about how using this headline, in copy YOU wrote, upped response XX or generated $$ in sales.

I'd constantly use examples from pieces you wrote, and weave in the results.

Make it more like a series of short stories, that indirectly prove your expertise and track record.

I think under each Critical Element you need a headline. Whether you sum it up or, even better, make them want to find out what it's about with some curiosity elements. Like..

"Critical Element #4: Without This, Hardly Anyone Will Beleive a Word You Say"

The report doesn't explain USP.

Nor does it offer a USP for you as a copywriter. It's given the reader an education on what any mediocre direct-response copywriter can provide. It hasn't distinguished, or at least hinted at "The Healy Marketing Code."

Great idea. I'd pay money to know what kind of response you got as far as traffic promoting this through the PR Web. A tactic I have lined up to do this September.

Thanks a lot for sharing this.


Ryan Healy


As always, excellent input. I'll be considering all of your suggestions as I create The Copywriting Code, version 2.0.


John A. Manley


Let us know when it's up.

Are you finding that this system is working, in as far as it is attracting qualified prospects?

Do they get DR enough after your introduction to it? Or do you find it better just going after the business owners who already understand DR?


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