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July 05, 2006


Alan Allard


Your review and comments spotlighting Ringer's unique book are spot on.

I also find his philosopy on "self-appointment" to be worth reading again and again... until they are deeply embedded on the subconscious level.

As a Coach, I find it interesting that the majority of Life or Business Coaches think they have to have some institutions "certification" in order to advance their business.

And it seems that most Personal Trainers fail to get results with their clients who want to lose weight or get fit, even though they have all the certifications and formal training.

Meanwhile, I know a handful of people, with no formal training or certifications, who get phenomenal results with clients.

At the same time, I find Dan Kennedy's advice about not promoting oneself before "getting really good" at what you do, to be the other side of the coin!

Because, as Dan says, doing so only accelerates the process of the market finding out that "you aren't really all that good!"

So, there is a balance there, and plenty of mistakes are made from both sides of the coin--not "appointing yourself as the expert," and "appointing yourself" prematurely.


Alan Allard

Joseph Ratliff


Right on with the review man! We are only limited by our perception of who we are as professionals...

Joe Ratliff
Professional Direct Marketer

Ryan Healy

Great observations, Alan. Thanks for reminding me (and all of us) of "the other side of the coin."

Mike Muller


Excellent post. Robert Ringer is one of my favorite writers. His leap frog theory is dead on. So many people believe you have to "work your way to the top." They believe they must go through some rite of passage.

Successful people defy this logic. They create their own success story, leaving others behind.

However, many overachievers become complacent, and even defensive, when they reach this level. They fiercely guard their secrets. They're afraid others will intrude and steal from them. To borrow from Matt Furey, they have a "competitive mindset," rather than a cooperative one.

A truly successful person doesn't keep secrets. They openly discuss what they've accomplished, then they teach others how to do it. These people reach even greater levels of achievement.

Once again, great post Ryan. Not only have you leapfrogged others. You've been open about how you did it.

tower defense

They fiercely guard their secrets. They're afraid others will intrude and steal from them. To borrow from Matt Furey, they have a "competitive mindset," rather than a cooperative one.


robert ringer, is awesome single handedly started all the self help industry as i see many of his ideas stolen and rehashed

curt lukers


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