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July 07, 2006


Joseph Ratliff


Connecting with your audience...and knowing that you have THE BEST shot to connect with that classics.

As for my guess as to the second marketing lesson...

Brand recognition? With Ivan having the nickname "Urban Action Figure"...that is immediately recognizable.

Now what do I win? ;)

Joe Ratliff
Professional Copywriter

Ryan Healy

Joe - You're spoiling the fun for everybody else. ;-)

Yes, branding is the 2nd lesson.

By the way, when I wrote this post, it was easy to find Ivan's web site because I remembered his moniker.

But with Joe, all I could remember was "Joe". I didn't remember his last name. So I had to do some serious digging to find his site.

Branding, done properly, can be very profitable.

Joseph Ratliff


And now, a year later...I have learned the lesson.

The Profitable Business Edge 2

Now, what do I win?


Joseph Ratliff
Author of The Profitable Business Edge 2

bBoy ARieL

First, scuse me for my english, I'm a french person.
Second, we have to make a difference between Ivan and Joe Eigo. I check some Joe's videos on Youtube and it's truth that is acrobatic skills is a little bit higher than Ivan, but Ivan is a breakdancer and Joe is a gymnast. The difference between us is the style. Gymnasts have no style, no attitude and no dance skills. They don't interact with the crowd. Ivan is one of the greatest bboy in the world. He battles with the best and has the respect of the breakdance community. If you know bboys, ask them if they know who were the best dancers in the 90's, they probably say Ivan and they will talk about his appearance in Freestyle Session 3 and his famous battles versus Iron Monkey or K-Mel. (Check on Youtube, you will see. In these battles, he doesn't make flips, he's just using is original steps). Check some of his videos and you will see that he's not just doing flips, his dance skills is umbelievable and he is very original. Ivan is the greatest. Respect.

tower defense

Ivan is one of the greatest bboy in the world. He battles with the best and has the respect of the breakdance community.

Small Business Answering service

Marketing is not about what you're selling, but rather about how you connect with your audience. If you don't connect, it doesn't matter how excellent your product is. Your audience won't buy.

Ben Cliff

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