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May 02, 2006


Jay White

Amen, Ryan. As you know, I did just that on January 27th of this year--stepped away from corporate bondage and took my rightful place at the table. And I've been stuffing my face ever since.

All I needed to do was take a step, a shot, a chance, a leap...whatever you want to call it. And things started happening.

I'm telling you, it works. You just gotta do it. Now excuse me while I stick a napkin in my shirt and spoon out another helping. ;)

Shaune Clarke

Good one Jay.

Ryan, David Gray is one of my all time favorite artists. I have a DVD of him called "David Gary - Live At The Point"

It is awesome and your point here is well taken.

I'd love to chat but I have to go and "just do something." : )


Ryan Healy

Jay - I love your way with words. ;-)

I've had the privilege of watching Jay go from employee to self-employed... talk about inspiration!

As soon as Jay committed and took action, the world bent to give him what he wanted.

Want some guidance on how to get started? Talk to Jay.

JP Maroney

Good post, Ryan!

As I travel internationally, speaking to diverse audiences, the one common thread I hear in my conversations after my speeches is, "I've been think about doing X for a long time."

Sometimes "X" is speaking. Sometimes it's starting their own business. Sometimes it's going back to school.

The X changes... but the stories sound the same for the most part.


On the surface... pracrastination. Deeper... FEAR!

I often say that people are "Getting Ready... to Get Ready!"


NOW is the time for action. I love the Fire, Ready Aim concept. Sure, I make more mistakes that way.

I have more failures...

But I get a heck of a lot more accomplished -- and I reach some pretty amazing goals.


You'll figure out the details tomorrow... and as you go forward.

Again, Ryan... thanks for a great post.

Judy Kettenhofen

JP -- Interesting...
Fire, Ready, Aim -- or Ready, Fire, Aim?
What do you think the difference is, and why is one better than the other?


"Perfection is not the goal. Action is."

"Take some action and everything else will naturally begin to fall into place."

thank you for this post, your aim wasn't a perfect post, you make it as a JAZZ MELODY it sound like this, I am sincere some time music shine over words. (no insistance, no redundance, fluent and natural) thanks.

Aaron Colby


Great post! I live in Colorado Springs and am working my way through the AWAI course. I've read your posts on their forum. It's post like this that give me motivation to continue my pursuit of a freelance career and make the leap from the coporate world.


Ryan Healy

Aaron - I'm so glad I've been an encouragement to you. By the way, four copywriters (including me) are meeting in Denver this Saturday, June 24. Let me know if you'd like to join us.

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