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April 22, 2006


Andrew Cavanagh

Hi Ryan,

I've had Dreamweaver for quite some time and never use it.


I use NVU.

A free software you can download at...

For copywriting it is excellent has most of dreamweaver's features and may even be superior in some ways.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

Andrew Cavanagh

...To see just one example of a site created with NVU go to

Andrew Cavanagh

John A. Manley

I learned an even harder route...

All my sites (including and were done using a filtered version of MS Word.

Crazy, huh?

I went throught nightmares.

I'm glad to see you spent as much time learning this stuff as I.

Maybe we should of started with direct mail? Made some money. Hired a designer.

I've just started working with a freelance designer. It's great. Life's becoming a bit simpler.

But, thanks for the post. Its about time someone put out something like what Google's doing.

It will likely change the web. The easier it is for people to put up custom sites, the more content there will be.

Imagine what the net will look like in a decade?


John A. Manley
A "Live" Online Look at the Day to Day Life of a Fulltime Copywriter From Starving Writer (Day One) to...?


Ryan - Thanks for the heads up! I can't wait to start my page.


I got your e-mail about this just as I was about to switch from Blogger to WordPress on my own domain, with the goal of more AdSense flexibility. I was not happy about having to pay for hosting, but Page Creator seems to bypass that. Is this a good choice if you want to optimize for AdSense?

Ryan Healy

Right now Page Creator is not the best option for Adsense. Two reasons:

1. You're limited to one web site with many pages.

2. Your web site URL is based on your Gmail username.

What this means is you will not be able to optimize your URL for your topic. Neither will you be able to build multiple sites around multiple topics.

That said, the product is in beta. They say in their FAQ that they plan to allow people to have multiple sites, just not yet.

Also, I just sent Google a suggestion to make Adsense easy to add to pages made with Page Creator. A plug-and-play kind of thing. It's really a no-brainer for them.

Ryan Healy

Update: I just wrote a new article about Marketing Uses for Page Creator. Click on my name to read it.

Caleb M.

Thanks for posting Google's Page Creator. If you hadn't done so, my site would still be in the planning stage.
Thanks Again!
-Caleb M.

Ryan Healy

Way to go, Caleb. Congratulations for taking action. :-)

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