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October 20, 2007


Joseph Ratliff

In my opinion, depends on the product you are considering creating...

Some products you need to be first to market with to maximize profitability...and some you can do more testing and trials before entering a market.

Joseph Ratliff

Kyle Tully

"Would you suggest creating your product before or after getting results and proving that your methods actually work?"

Hey Ryan

I wouldn't sell anything I didn't know worked. You're getting into dangerous waters if you do.


Ryan Healy

Kyle - I understand your concern. Here's what I mean...

Let's say you are overweight and you are entering the weight loss market.

You know how to lose weight, but you just haven't lost all the weight you want to yet.

Do you still create a product for that market even if you haven't achieved your ideal weight target?

Or must you become a success story first by personally demonstrating that your methods work?

Professors teach things all the time that they haven't personally experienced. So experience by itself isn't necessarily a prerequisite for teaching.

Kyle Tully

If you're talking about something like "eat right & exercise" then go for it.

But if it's a suppliment/exercise/crazy diet type product then I'd want to see the results first.



I tried to submit a question to James Brausch for his "Open Question Time". However, my blog post never showed up on James' blog despite me including a link to his post. Is this because I'm using the free Google Blogger for my blog or is there some other reason? I'm new to blogging as you can see.


Ryan Healy

Hey Rob,

Good question. I've sometimes "pinged" other blogs and haven't gotten a trackback. This sometimes happens. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Now, if all you do is link to somebody else's blog, you won't get a link from their blog to yours.

You have to send what's called a trackback. You can learn about trackbacks here.

I don't recommend using Blogger/BlogSpot. It is the worst blogging platform of all. Better to get your own domain and start a Wordpress blog.

Hope this helps.

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