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August 09, 2007


Joseph Ratliff


You said it man.

Flexibility is the main reason I started a copywriting and consulting business.

Leave and work when you want...for the reasons that you want.

No bosses, no commute.

Ahhh...the life. :)

Joseph Ratliff


Hi! I commented on "Don't go to college to make money" earlier and started reading some of your other posts. Forgive me for being naive, but what exactly is copywriting, as a business? What do you do? I'm curious. Thanks!

Ryan Healy

Megaan - A copywriter is paid to write for other people. I specialize in writing direct response sales copy, including long-form sales letters, emails, space ads, etc. You might say I get paid to write "junk mail." :-)


I'm still curious! What else? How do you learn? I don't necessarily want to ask, "is it easy? can anyone do it?", because I am not out to find a "get-rich-quick" or lazy opportunity that doesn't require work and skill... but if I have a standard of holding to honesty, and if I have an eye for what is good advertising/what looks good, and what does not, and I desire to help others, is copywriting a business I could learn and start? What else is required? I don't know if I qualify, and maybe I do not, but I am intrigued.
Thank you for listening!

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