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August 17, 2007


Werner Patels

I wouldn't worry about it too much -- some people are pathological complainers.

Also, after much experience with this, I am absolutely positive that more than half the population in North America are functional illiterates. They can read alright, but they fail to comprehend.

Rob in Denver

My honest-to-goodness take is that you're asking the wrong people.

Perhaps he IS disappointed with the part on pricing. Why not use this as an opportunity to find out what he was expecting and how you could have done better?

Ryan Healy

Werner - Thanks for the input. Lack of comprehension is a big problem.

Rob - I agree with your first point. Clearly, the person was dissatisfied with the part on pricing.

I'm not sure I agree it's a good opportunity to get input from the customer. I want to show people how to get clients, not how to price every copywriting project under the sun.

Rob in Denver

Who says you have to change your report to meet this person's needs?

Perhaps the feedback you get from him could inform a product on, say, pricing!

Ryan Healy

Good point, Rob. :-)

Joseph Ratliff |


You probably could have produced 5 pages or more on pricing copywriting work.

You still would have got a refund in my opinion.

Here is why...

Either there is an impression that there is some "industry standard" for pricing copywriting work. Or...

This individual was expecting an exact answer to the question "How exactly do I set my fees?"

There is no exact and correct answer.


Your product was geared for getting clients, but...

Why not create another supplemental report on pricing, as Rob suggested?

I have had great success in this area if you wish to get some feedback.

Joseph Ratliff


It just simply boils down to "You can't please all the people all the time".
There are plenty of customers out there to replace the one you can't make happy, no matter how hard you try.So, waste no more time on this person and go get your next customer.


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