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June 01, 2007


C. Antier

Hi Ryan,

I'd like to play. The reason I don't mind going over your posts - even all 229 of them is because almost every time I've read one of them, I've found something I could use! (For example, your post on trackbacks would make the top of my list - until you explained what they were and how they worked, I had no idea.) Now I'm trackbacking all over the place! You're already in my "swipe file" along with Fortin, Makepeace and Garfinkel, plus a few others...So, pick me, pick me!


I'd like to do it. I've enjoyed your posts. Reading through them will help me, as a copywriter, to learn more, and to remember nice posts you've written in the past that I may have forgotten by now.

Ryan Healy

Wow! I didn't realize I'd get replies so quickly.

Okay, you're both in. I'll send you emails to confirm.

This offer is closed for now. Thanks!

Elizabeth Purvis

Hey, Ryan!

I'm in. Two reasons:

1. I get a lot out of your posts and I'd love to "pay it back" any way that I can.

2. I get a lot out of your posts and I'd love to "pay it forward" to future readers.


Elizabeth Purvis

Also... you don't need to pay me. But if you want to, I'll pass it along to a charity (as yet to be determined; I'm kinda fried in the noggin right now).

Ryan Healy

Wow, Elizabeth! Extremely generous of you. Thank you.

Joanna Young

What a great idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what the reviewers come up with!


Joel S.

I simply have an eye for detail. As a teacher, I always preach that one is only an expert at something because of his/her ability to make distinctions that others cannot. I also consider myself a wordsmith. I will be looking for 12 succinct, logical snippets that offer good advice, on what to do and, of course, what NOT to do. I would like this opportunity. And yes, I will take the money.

Ryan Healy

Hi Joel - Just an FYI. I cannot guarantee you'll be paid. As I mentioned in the third comment, this offer is closed. I only budgeted for two people. Thanks for understanding.

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