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May 27, 2007


Ryan Healy

I'll go first.

I've found that many clients want not only copy... but web design, too.

Although I don't personally code up letters, I've found a couple freelance guys to help me out.

Sometimes, I simply refer my client to a web designer so that I'm not directly involved.

(I still offer design suggestions and make sure everything looks right after the letter is online.)

Rob in Denver

My clients often need help developing their content strategies.

Eric Rosen


Sometimes a copywriter has to educate the client in order to earn the trust for a first gig as well as subsequent ones.

With a lot of B2B clients, I can knock 2-5 years off the grade level needed to comfortably follow their current literature.

That you can measure it is one learning for them. That it's effectively money in the bank for them is a second one though that's a more challenging sell.

Joseph Ratliff


Excellent post.

- Clients like that I am actually approachable.

- They love that I return calls, emails, and other forms of communication almost immediately.

- Some of my clients actually cannot believe that I take care of them as a client of mine. I over deliver on every project.

A side note on the last one...

Providing excellent customer service is a very important part of our business as service professionals. We have to trust first, and handle the very few bad apples second.

Also...the fact that there is a high percentage of my clients that have commented along the lines of receiving excellent service as a priority...and that they hadn't before...says something about an advantage that each of you can expand upon to differentiate yourselves from the "rest of the pack."

As they say in marketing..."differentiate or die."

Joseph Ratliff

Christine OKelly

Great question! My clients appreciate

- super-fast response time to emails and phone calls

- alwasy asking for feedback and never taking it personally

- a willingness to learn as much as possible about their business, their style, and their customers before setting fingers to keyboard.

- a desire to learn about the end goal of every project.

- always being treated like a top priority

Again Ryan, this is a fantastic post!

Tracey "Word Doctor" Dooley

I think Joseph Ratliff is my copywriting twin – as they're pretty much the same points that I was going to make!

Just to add that clients like my honesty - i'm always upfront right from the start, so no one gets any nasty surprises, etc.

And they say I go out of my way to help them with whatever concerns or queries they might have relating to their project or indeed their business.

Finally, I'm a professional, qualified proofreader, so they get more value!



Ryan Healy

Great responses so far! What else have you found?

Also, I've noticed there haven't been any responses from the client side of the fence...

Are there any clients "lurking" out there who'd be willing to share what they're looking for in a copywriter?

Jane Hendry

On the client/associate side of things, I'm still looking for someone who can:

- write copy that gets response

- do it for a sceptical, UK audience

- do it for technical and professional service businesses

- write copy that is credible and doesn't scream at you; copy that is more informative and less manipulative

I am yet to meet someone who seems able to fulfil these criteria, with the result that I have not pursued various opportunities where I could have sold copywriting services into my clients. I could write the copy myself, but I don't really want to at this stage!

So, if anyone knows of anyone who's good in this kind of B2B marketing, preferably in the UK, please get in touch!

Jane :)


I'll have to say, Entrepreneurship, and Life-long Relationship.

My clients never told me what they want in a Copywriter before, but I realized that when in return I tell them what I'm looking for, what I'm offering to them -- Entrepreneurship mindset and a Long-term Business Relationship --

They always respond very fast and agree it's what made me distinct.

I understand that I'm giving away my USP, but I know it's worth it.

Copywriters, you should give your clients the BEST that you can give if clients invested in you (you should understand what it means).

If you're way too busy, spend some time talking to them.

For me I tell them,

"______, I don't advertise this but I'm going to give you personal updates for the next 12 months.

Keep me acknowledged with your conversion after split-testing, and I'll improve your Sales Masterpiece by as much as I can do and return it to you."

In short, they never invest in 1 Sales Masterpiece.

They invest in something else.

I'll leave it to you in figuring what it is. :-)

Bless all of you,


Andrew Cavanagh

Here's my input as a full time professional copywriter...

1. Most clients hiring copywriters don't want copy.

What they want is for their website and business to make more profits.

2. Clients really appreciate getting a good clean finished sales letter that they can simply add their ordering process to (paypal buttons etc) and upload to their site.

3. I have found most of my clients REALLY appreciate the suggestions and advice I give them to improve their product creation, marketing process etc etc.

Most of my clients make many times the money they pay me just from the suggestions I give them that have very little to do with the copy.

The bottom line is that if you think of your clients first and try to do everything you can to help them improve their business and their profits AND the service they provide to THEIR clients it will pay huge dividends for everybody.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

Carolyn Warren, author

My clients appreciate the fact that I am an expert in their field (mortgage, credit, and real estate), and that I already understand the mindset, the challenges, and the lingo.

My "secret recipe" is having a book published by Wiley & Sons, Inc., (Mortgage Rip-Offs and Money Savers) because it gives instant respect and credibility.

Perry Droast


Great topic.

I'll be brief rather than rehash what others have said.

My clients appreciate my honesty. They also rely on my expert technical knowledge. My real world business experience shows them I've lived in their world and reassures them I understand their needs.

Every client does really want the same thing. Bigger profits delivered in a timely manner.

John Ritskowitz

I would agree with Andrew in that clients want to solve their marketing problems.

Those who look at the bigger picture and work with them in that capacity will be regarded much more highly than someone who "just writes their copy."

Many times I've had clients who have had bigger problems with their market or offer than their copy, and I pull no punches in telling them this, even though it may mean a smaller job for me.


Rasheed Ali

My clients firstly appreciate that I'm willing to be honest with them and give them the straight truth about whether they really DO need a full fledged sales letter or just some copy tweaks or whatever.

Basically, I'm not after every cent in their pocket and don't waste their time with a service they don't really need.

The other things that I've been told they value are the business acceleration advice that I'm able to provide to them that most of them immediately implement and profit from and the simple fact that my sales letters are always done in HTML format so they can quickly upload their page or copy and paste the code to their templates and see what it looks like.

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