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May 18, 2007


Ali Manson

Hey Ryan,

Just thinking about this subject makes me glad for my current circumstances (no major distractions, such as kids, other people in the house at the same time as me) but there is always another side to the coin...

I am possibly one of the most easily distracted people the Lord has put on this Earth. Period.

It takes next to nothing for me to be put off what I'm doing. Only if I'm truly on a roll do I ignore the temptation to stroll downstairs to the fridge, go out and get some fresh air, watch a dvd or whatever.

I guess this is why it's so important for me to work on projects that really interest me.

That way, at least I can minimize the potential for a project to become a thorn in my side...


Joseph Ratliff


Nice post.

Interruptions are something that can sap so much productive time away from you.

I always love clients that starts an unscheduled conversation with you by saying...

"Hey, do you have just 5 minutes?"

To which I reply with...

"Nope, but if you put together everything you need from me today, I will have a total of 15 minutes for you at ."

Joseph Ratliff

Mike Sansone

Great point and thanks for the reminder.

I've been considering altering my meeting schedules (meet with clients in the morning or afternoon - but not here and there and any time convenient for them). Too many interruptions and only tiny 45 minute openings for projects and such.

This helps make my decision easy.

Ryan Healy

Mike - I'm glad I could help. Hope the new meeting schedule works well for you.

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