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March 11, 2007


Ali Manson

Hey Ryan,

Another little gem of insight, and well explained too.

The word "SMALL" definitely needed to be elaborated on, as a LOT of people (myself included) could possibly take it out of context.

The first time I read the four-word statement, I related the word "small" to the word "little", and we all know what happens to those who act little in this game.

They disappear.

But the explanation you gave was bang on the money.

Because the sad thing is, it DOESN'T take all that much effort to get clients if you get into the right mindset.

Just as it only takes one loud noise to start an avalanche, the one small thing you choose to do today could bring in an avalanche of business for you. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but sooner than you think...

The one way to find out is DO it!


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